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Robert G. Hetsler has provided 1031 exchange-related services to investors for more than 12 years. His education and professional experience positions him as an expert in all aspects of 1031 exchanges, from identifying and expertly valuing suitable property to knowledge of and compliance with the complex IRS rules and regulations governing these types of exchanges. He sees the big picture, yet also keeps even the smallest detail in check.

A Word from Dr. Robert Hetsler

robertAs a real estate investor myself, I have purchased and sold every type of property from TICs and DSTs and vacant land to billboards and self-service car washes and virtually everything in between.  Many of these have been properties I personally owned. However, as a licensed real estate agent, Nationally Certified Business Valuator, Nationally Certified Forensic CPA, a Licensed CPA, and Chartered Merger & Acquisition Professional, I have also performed every type of ancillary role you can name throughout a real estate transaction from beginning to end, including handling more than 3000+ closings.

I have provided expert testimony in more than 30 different type of court cases in states across the country, most of which involved a real estate component. I have taught continuing legal and accounting professional education as well as spoken to groups as large as 2,000 real estate investors on replacement property.  My extensive knowledge of real estate and valuation allow me to expertly handle all aspects of real estate transactions, whether my own property or on behalf of someone else.

I have clients as large as Fidelity National or as small as my neighbor looking to purchase a $45,000 condo investment (I have a few of those myself), and have worked on real estate transactions in nearly all 50 states.  I reached a highly coveted contract with Charles Schwab that was picked up by most media outlets for the management of the hundreds of millions of dollars I am responsible for referring out, and believe me that was a vetting process like no other!

I was attracted to Charles Schwab because they provide Delaware Statutory Trusts (“DST”) solutions. Many of my clients really like the DST solution, and while not for everyone, a DST certainly offers attractive features not found elsewhere.  I have also managed countless Tenant In Common (“TIC”) transactions. 

The bottom line is, I have seen it all, made every mistake possible on my own transactions and learned from each mistake made. I carry all the necessary malpractice insurance, Fidelity Bonds and licenses (with a perfect history of zero claims or complaints) necessary to assist anyone in any state facilitate a 1031 exchange either as a Qualified Intermediary or to simply assist in finding suitable replacement property. While I can only function in one role or the other, I am always able to refer you to a third-party, depending on which role you believe I would provide you more value.

I have a vast network of off market properties that I am provided with, and many contacts with the directors of special assets at large financial institutions. My extensive network allows me to place people in properties with 7 figures of equity simply because they had enough cash to cover the banks note.  These are not everyday situations for sure but they do happen.

Finally, if I am not the right person to assist you, I will be the first to tell you and also the first to find you someone who can assist you.  I spend about half of my work life putting people in touch with a person or company that can and will offer better assistance than I can.  Sometimes I am compensated for that referral but never by the client, always by the person or company that receives the referrals.  This is always disclosed and is also something that does not increase the cost to the client.  More often than not, the client receives enhanced service at less costs because of my vast network of referral sources that I’ve thoroughly vetted or personally worked with before.

If you are in need of a 1031 exchange replacement property and your desires are specific, it does not cost you anything to see if my resources are something you can benefit from.  I love real estate with a passion and that is why I enjoy working with everyone from the seller’s agent to the insurance agent, and every other professional along the way.  I can always learn something from you and you can probably learn something from me so reach out and let’s see if I can help in some capacity.

In Addition to being a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA), Forensic Certified Public Accountant (FCPA), Master Analyst in Financial Forensics (MAFF), Chartered Merger and Acquisition Professional (CMAP), and Certified in Financial Forensics (CFF), I also hold a Doctorate Degree in Jurisprudence (J.D.) and studied finance at Harvard University. I am also a Florida licensed real estate agent.

My combination of proven business acumen, financial expertise and real estate knowledge, puts me in a unique position to offer sound direction and expertly handle all aspects of a complex 1031 exchange. Calling upon my network of real estate professionals throughout the country and around the world, I am especially qualified to help investors locate and evaluate potential replacement properties anywhere in the United States or abroad.